A motorcyclist who sustained debilitating injuries following a road accident is the first patient to undergo a breakthrough orthopaedic procedure at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation [GPHC]. While the hospital has not released the patient’s information, this publication was able to confirm that it was following thorough x-ray studies that medical practitioners were able to determine that the patient had sustained a comminuted fracture with tibia plateau collapse. In essence the patient suffered a complex fracture that is usually difficult and even near impossible to fix.

But there was hope for the patient. Currently the GPHC is benefiting from the expertise of visiting Orthopedist, Dr. Zou Guoyou. Dr. Zou, a member of the Chinese Medical Brigade which arrived in Guyana a few months ago, upon seeing the patient was ready and willing to provide the much needed surgical support to the patient.

Dr. Zou who is said to have vast experience in posteromedial approach back in China was able to lead the first such surgical procedure at the GPHC. The procedure saw the patient undergoing open reduction and internal fixation and the outcome was successful enough for the hospital to boast of it.

With Dr. Zou’s support, the hospital has been able to detect shortcomings when it comes to dealing with fractures of the tibia and better appreciate the benefits of CT Scans in assessing such conditions.

The hospital was recently able to acquire a CT Scan machine which has opened new options for surgeons at the institution.

With the knowledge shared by Dr. Zou, more than a dozen medical practitioners at the GPHC are poised to continue to offer the intricate procedure long after the one-year stint of the Chinese Medical Brigade at the GPHC elapses.


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