A Guyanese pilot, who had illegally removed two planes—that were part of a High Court Litigation—from Eugene F Correia International Airport back in 2016, has died in a plane crash.

Munidat ‘Raj’ Persaud was reportedly flying a small private plane with two occupants when it crashed into the ocean off the coast of Long Island, United States of America on Saturday morning.

One body was recovered following the crash of the twin-engine Piper PA-34 about a mile from where the plane went down. The recovered body has not been identified as yet.

According to information received, the plane left Connecticut’s Waterbury- Oxford Airport Saturday morning and landed at the Danbury Municipal Airport before it took off again—headed to Charleston Executive Airport in South Carolina.

It was while flying to South Carolina, it crashed. Persons at the beach reported the accident.

Two years ago, Persaud and another pilot, who has only been identified as Vladimir, were accused of illegally removing two Cessna 206 aircraft from the Eugene F Correia International Airport.  

The planes were the subject of a High Court Litigation.

Persaud, who resided in the United States of America, came to Guyana and started a company called Oxford Aviation with two planes. During the period the deceased pilot operated in Guyana, there were numerous aviation breaches.

 The Guyana Standard was told that both his aircraft received severe damage in separate accidents to the hinterland regions. In one of the accidents, one of his planes collided with another aircraft that is owned by Domestic Aviation.

The accident resulted in the pilot of Domestic Aviation taking Persaud to the court to settle the matter. The active court proceedings barred the now deceased pilot from operating the two aircrafts.

However, with the help of another pilot, Persaud removed the two planes from the airport. He never returned to Guyana, stalling the court case.


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