A 20-year-old woman was beaten and raped Saturday night by two gunmen at a community ground in Anna Regina, Essequibo Coast while her partner sustained a sound thrashing at the hands of the suspects.

The incident happened shortly after 07:40 hrs on Saturday.

According to information received, the young couple told investigators that they went to the community ground to chat but they were suddenly confronted by two men, who demanded that they hand over their valuables.

It was while the victims were trying to gather their belonging to give the suspects that the woman was reportedly instructed to take off her clothing. The gunmen began physically assaulting both victims when she resisted.

The Guyana Standard was told that the woman was then raped by both men at a corner of a building in the community center compound. The men reportedly took turns to guard her boyfriend, who was standing a stone’s throw from where she was being molested.

The incident lasted for some 20 minutes. According to information received, the area where the attack occurred is isolated—leaving ranks to question the reason for two young people to go there to chat.

“We understand they are young and had their own agenda but no sensible person would go there to do anything. That area is pitch black at night and scary so we have no idea why they would want to go there,” a police source opined.

He explained that both victims told ranks that they can identify their attackers. However, no one has been identified as yet.


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