The Guyana National Broadcasting Authority (GNBA) has observed instances of ethnic labeling during the screening of broadcast content and it is urging broadcasters to desist from this practice.

In a missive to the press, the Authority said this observation was made during the Amerindian Heritage (Month) celebrations; and other ethnically focused celebrations, where ethnic groups were identified with the use of labels that are considered derogatory.

GNBA also reminded of Section 19 of the Broadcasting Act of 2011 which requires broadcasters to “safeguard, enrich and strengthen the diverse ethnic, cultural, social and economic fabric of Guyanese society”; and Subsection (q) which requires broadcasters to “ensure compliance with the constitution and laws of Guyana and shall not incite violence, ethnic, religious or cultural hostility.”

GNBA emphasized that the screening of content with ethnic or stereotypical labels may have significant implications for social cohesion and may evoke feelings of resentment.

As such, GNBA reiterated its call for broadcasters to be sensitive to these issues; and make a concerted effort to prevent its recurrence.


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