Global Perspective Inc. (GPI) a Not-for-Profit company has developed the concept ‘The Extended Family’ and will be implementing the project this month. The project, which has three components – A television series, a ‘Dream Network’ and a ‘Peer and Community Support Network’ – is aimed at assisting families to find solutions and linking them to necessary support to cope with challenges.

This project comes at a time when the institution of the family in Guyana is extremely challenged and the impact is far-reaching. Apart from the negative impact on the growth and development of the family, the current situation has affected the quality of the citizenry as a key element for the advancement of the country, a spokesperson for the group, Ms. Audreyanna Thomas, announced.

According to her, some of the causes of problems faced by families are: weakened family structures and support systems; inadequate safety nets and knowledge of available opportunities; lack of the ability to manage life’s challenges and access support (for e.g. in building coping skills, counselling, coaching and mentoring). These are evident as one examines the causes in the sharp increase in family violence, for e.g. spousal abuse, murders, arsons and other severe incidents. She quipped.

The television series is the first component to be implemented and will be broadcast on Thursdays at 21:05 hours on NCN Channel 11, beginning 1 November, 2018. The ‘Dream Network’ will link families to businesses, organisations, and other groups that can provide economic, social, psychological and other support while the ‘Youth Peer Support Network’ will focus on bringing together and empowering youths to provide support to their peers. The ‘Parent Support Network’ will similarly enable parents to provide support to other parents and the ‘Community Support Network’ will seek to mobilize and empower religious organisations in communities, to provide support to the elderly and single parent families.

The overall objectives of the project are: to create greater social consciousness around and among families on the value of the family; and to strengthen the institution of the family. The specific objectives are to: provide information for the economic growth and development of families; enable families to better manage social and other challenges; provide information to educate citizens on the law and other areas relative to families, mobilize the private sector, local, international, religious and other organisations, as well as individuals to provide economic, social and other support to families; and to enable families to better understand and carry out their roles in the development of the country.

Businesses, organisations, individuals and families interested in becoming a part of ‘The Extended Family’ project are invited to contact Ms. Thomas, Advisor, Global Perspective Inc., on email address:


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