says Coalition is strong, united

Acting President and Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo has lambasted the political Opposition for its No-Confidence Motion against Government, dubbing the move an act of provocation and insensitivity in light of President David Granger’s recent illness.
Speaking at a joint press conference of the APNU+AFC Coalition, held this morning at Congress Place, Nagamootoo noted that the Motion had no power when the Coalition Government has the majority in the National Assembly, with 33 out of the 65 seats. It could then clearly be seen, he added, that the No-Confidence Motion was an act of provocation.
He further said that the move by the Opposition is one that reeks of insensitivity and distastefulness, since it comes at a time when President Granger is hospitalised overseas. “The timing of a motion of no-confidence in a Government where at the time the sitting president is out of the country receiving medical attention, it is insensitive…I believe it was a politically insensitive and childish move.”
Expanding on his belief that the motion was one of provocation, Nagamootoo emphasised that the move was intended to sow discord and divisiveness among the populace, particularly ethnic division. He further said that it is no coincidence that the No-Confidence Motion comes at a time when budget deliberations are right around the corner. He emphasized that Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo’s assertion of the No-Confidence Motion being of “national interest” is anything but and the act simply seeks to divert attention from more nationally pressing issues, such as the 2019 National Budget.
 “What is the political worth of this No-Confidence Motion?” Nagamootoo questioned. He added, “A minority cannot assume that they will succeed in Parliament. We cannot assume, speculatively, that the alliance is divided. The alliance is cohesive, it is united, it is strong, and we are holding it together.”
News of the No-Confidence Motion by the Political Opposition broke yesterday, with Jagdeo declaring that the motion was one which sought to protect Guyanese from the current administration. Interestingly, this was one point raised by the then Opposition in 2014 when a No-Confidence Motion was filed against the long-reigning PPP/C Government. With a one-seat majority, all Members of Parliament would have to be a part of the debate to ensure the non-collapse of government this time around.
This motion comes just over two weeks after President Granger’s hospitalisation in Cuba (October 30) and the subsequent diagnosis on Wednesday (November 14) of his illness as Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma.


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