Even as EMPRETEC Guyana Inc. urges Guyanese to not support unlicensed water operators in a bid to stop the spread of diseases, the organisation is calling on these unlicensed operators to become compliant through offered training.

EMPRETEC is a capacity-building programme under the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). While the body is all about promoting entrepreneurial skills, helping fledging businesses grow, and improving the economy, its recent call is a stark reminder that proper sanitation practices should not be foregone in the spirit of entrepreneurship.

According to EMPRETEC Guyana Inc., a lack of proper sanitation services could not only breed diseases but can rob people of their basic human dignity. The organisation further emphasises that stopping the use of unlicensed water operators is imperative in reducing the risk of consuming contaminated water and therefore urged all Guyanese to cease the practice until businesses are fully compliant and licensed.

“Help prevent health risks by purchasing from only licensed vendors,” EMPRETEC said, even as it urged the public to not refill five gallon water bottles at unlicensed vendors.  

However, all hope is not lost for unlicensed vendors; according to EMPRETEC, unlicensed vendors desirous of obtaining certification can contact EMPRETEC Guyana for assistance.

EMPRETEC Guyana, in response to the mandate of the Food and Drug Division of the Ministry of Public Health, provides training to Water, Ice and Wastewater Operators in Guyana. This training is done as a prerequisite of certifying water operators through a series of formal training sessions that are uniquely developed to enhance the method of water purification and distillation currently practiced, making it safer for human consumption.

Moreover, EMPRETEC offers a series of sessions designed as an introductory course to certify Water, Ice and Wastewater operators as authentic practitioners in the field. This course is certified through collaboration with the University of Guyana’s Institute of Distance and Continuing Education (IDCE) and is listed under the institute’s course offerings.

Meanwhile, EMPRETEC Guyana is preparing to host another Water Treatment and Basic Sanitation Course designed for water processors, from November 26 through 30, 2018 in Georgetown.

Interested persons are being urged to visit the EMPRETEC Office at Lot 81 West Half, Laluni Street, Queenstown, Georgetown, telephone them on 225-4330, or email them at empretecguyanainc@gmail.com for details.

During the course, participants will be exposed to a combination of tutorials and practical demonstrations using state-of-the-art water purification equipment. It is expected that participants complete all sessions before being awarded certification. EMPRETEC has assured that sessions will be facilitated by experienced and qualified local specialists.



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