A suspected teenage love triangle has left a 17-year-old nursing several stab wounds about the body, his 15-year-old rival in police custody, and their 13-year-old love interest traumatized.

The attack occurred yesterday afternoon in front of the Berbice High School located in New Amsterdam.

Injured is 17-year-old Paul Sahadeo of Bloomfield, Corentyne, Berbice. He was stabbed to the chest, abdomen and back with a sharp object. He is currently hospitalized at the New Amsterdam Hospital.

According to information received, the 13-year-old school girl called the teenage school dropout and asked that he pick her up after school. The teenage boy reportedly hired a taxi and went to the school.

The Guyana Standard has been informed that as the 13-year-old girl was waiting on the taxi to arrive, someone ran and informed her other boyfriend, the 15-year-old, who also attends the same school.

A police source confirmed that just before the girl entered the car, the schoolboy held onto her hand and pulled her back. This reportedly led to an argument, with the older boy pulling out a sharp object.

It was during a scuffle that the 15-year-old managed to over power his older rival and stabbed him several times.

A teacher who was notified of the incident, managed to stop the fight and the injured youth was taking to the hospital.

An investigation is ongoing.


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