President David Granger, this morning departed Guyana for the Republic of Cuba for a second
round of chemotherapy treatment at the Centro de Investigaciones Médico Quirúrgicas

The President, who is accompanied by First Lady, Mrs. Sandra Granger, told the Ministry of the
Presidency’s Public Information and Press Services (PIPS) Unit, prior to his departure from the
Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) that CIMEQ has drafted a schedule of treatment which
will run until May 2019.

“In my first visit, I had not only the biopsy but a series of tests and examinations and I also had
my first cycle of chemotherapy. I now have to return for succeeding five cycles, so this is the
second cycle and I hope to return much more quickly than I did the first visit because this is
simply the administration of chemotherapy so presumably after the tests which will be done
today, Tuesday, I will have the chemotherapy and return by weekend,” President Granger said.

The Head of State said too that after this round of treatment, he will have to return to Cuba
later this month for the third cycle of chemotherapy.

“I expect that by the start of the new year my progress, which has been gradual so far, will be
sufficient to allow me to take on more duties,” he said.

Meanwhile, the President expressed much gratitude to all who sent their well wishes for his full
and complete recovery.

“I think my illness, although personally unfortunate, has brought forth a response by the
Guyanese public, not to a politician, not to a political leader, but to a national President. I think
they feel the presidency is what is being jeopardised by this threat to my health and I think
what I have seen so far, both privately and publicly, are favourable national concern that the
Head of State, whomever he maybe, should enjoy the best health,” he said.

President Granger also thanked Caribbean Heads of Government, business leaders, his
colleagues, the churches and the public, particularly those who held vigils while he was in Cuba,
for their prayers and support.

“I am encouraged and, you know, in certain medical situations that psychological and psyche
factors are very important. I am very grateful, very thankful…I look forward to resuming my full
duties as early as possible,” the Head of State said.

President Granger and his wife had traveled to Cuba on October 30, 2018 for a medical
investigation. After an intensive series of tests by specialist doctors, he was diagnosed with
Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, a type of cancer. The First Couple returned to Guyana from Cuba on
November 20, 2018 after a number of medical interventions including the first round of
chemotherapy treatment were performed.


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