With the passage of the No-Confidence Motion, the APNU+AFC Party’s powers in Government have been diminished. It is now in caretaker mode and should only engage in routine spending for the State.

This declaration was made earlier today by Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo during an engagement with members of the media. He said that until the day of General and Regional Elections, the government should not be looking to fast-track any deals or spending on major projects.

Jagdeo said, “…They have fallen…That is widely acknowledged and so they stay on only for the purpose of holding the General and Regional elections.

Therefore, I believe that this government should act accordingly. We will now have enhanced scrutiny of the government in several areas…”

The Opposition Leader added, “The routine functioning of the State must go on. People have to be paid…The public servants must continue to function as per normal in this period…However, we are worried that there is going to be a mad grab…They might be in a period of accelerating some unsavoury deals.”

On this note, Jagdeo warned that his party will be on the lookout for anything outside the normal functioning of the State.


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