Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo has already gone into election campaign mode as he issued a call today to public servants to preserve all evidence of political pressure from the Coalition Government to engage in illegal acts.

At a press conference today, the former President said that public servants have nothing to fear from a PPP Government. He said that, now more than ever, the PPP is depending on public servants to play a major role in ensuring that the government only engages in the routine spending for the upkeep of the State.

Jagdeo said, “I told the public servants to guard against illegality because we know they would be under political influence and we advise them to keep records to show that they were under pressure. I am saying to them, don’t do anything illegal. My fear now is that there would be an attempt to remove records and we ask that you protect those.”

The Opposition Leader added, “So in a nutshell, the public servants have a bigger role to play in managing the State because the ministers are now in a routine capacity. Public servants must ensure that the ministers do their job in a manner that is above board as PPP would be looking into this in the future.”

Further to this, the former President sought to note that unlike the APNU+AFC Administration, the PPP would not be interested in witch hunts.  He said that the coalition government was so interested in witch hunts that it forgot to manage Guyana and deliver on the things it promised.

Jagdeo concluded, “No PPP Government will do this. Some investigations will take place but our primary purpose will not be this, and young people will have a great say in the future.”


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