Up to the time this article was uploaded, investigators in Berbice were searching their missing persons database in hope of making a connection after the right side of a female’s leg—from under the knee down to the foot—was found this morning.

The discovery was made at a dumpsite in Rose Hall Town, Berbice.

The Guyana Standard has been informed that a garbage truck went to the dumpsite this morning to dispose of waste and an individual on the truck noticed the severed foot next to a black plastic bag.

The leg had been severed from under the knee and while it was badly decomposed, investigators believed that it had been recently dumped at that spot since garage trucks usually pass through that area daily and no one reported finding anything.

“It could be an animal dragged it to the bottom of the pit because a plastic bag was found close-by or it could be someone just pass and dumped it overnight so we are looking at both theories,” a police source said.

He added, “Also, it seems a little difficult for an animal to climb till to the top of that pile of garbage but we are not ruling out anything at this point.”

This news agency has been informed that a search was carried out at the dumpsite but no other body part was found. However, a team of policemen will return to the scene tomorrow to continue the search.

The investigation is ongoing.


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