A family in Bushlot, Corentyne, Berbice was forced to welcome the new year with the deaths of two brothers who were shot around 22:00 hrs last night when bandits invaded their home.

Dead are 46-year-old Premchand Samaroo and his younger brother, 45-year-old Harrychand, both of Bushlot, Corentyne, Berbice. Premchand Samaroo died on the spot. His sibling succumbed this morning while being treated at the New Amsterdam Hospital.

According to information received, the brothers along with other relatives were imbibing at their home when the tragedy happened. The initial report is that one of the brothers went to the back of the property to urinate when he confronted the bandits in the yard. Before he could have raised an alarm, he was shot and killed.

Police sources said that the other relatives claimed that they thought someone had thrown firecrackers in the yard and did not brother to investigate. However, a few minutes after hearing the explosion, the masked men rushed in and asked that everyone get on the floor.

The bandits reportedly assaulted some of the relatives as they demanded their valuables. The second brother was shot as the men were making their escape.

More details will follow shortly.



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