Even though it committed to contesting looming General and Regional Elections with its coalition partner—the APNU—The Alliance For Change (AFC) says it is too soon to say if it will throw its support behind President David Granger returning as the coalition’s Presidential candidate.

Speaking on this matter today with members of the media were AFC’s Chairman, Khemraj Ramjattan and AFC’s Chairwoman, Cathy Hughes.

Ramjattan said it is too soon to answer questions in that regard. As for Hughes, she quickly retorted, “We are not there as yet.”

Hughes added, “We hope that President Granger continues the speedy recovery he is making. And most of you who were at the media brunch with him on January 3 would have seen he was upbeat, cracking his usual jokes and looking very strong and well and we wish him the best. But we don’t know when elections is going to be and we are not in a position to speak on the Presidential Candidate issue right now.”

In the meantime, AFC Chairman, Ramjattan said that his party is pleased with the maturity displayed by the Opposition and the Government during the January 9 talks. He said that the party is heartened by statements following the meeting that the sanctity of government remains and trusts that this political maturity will hold in the coming weeks and months and the matter continues to unfold.

He said, too, that the party is pleased with the court proceedings yesterday, particularly with regard to the court’s determination to treat with the matter expeditiously and looks forward to the ruling of the court.

Ramjattan noted however that if the ruling is not favourable, then the AFC is backing its APNU partner all the way to the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ).


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