Commissioner General of the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA), Godfrey Statia is on his way to China to inspect a scanner that is being given to the nation from there.

Statia told Guyana Standard that his trip is necessary since he wants to ensure the nation gets the latest equipment to identify drugs hidden in containers.

Statia said, “I am going to China because I want to ensure we get the right type of scanning equipment. The Chinese government is giving us a permanent scanner and they were trying to give us one that isn’t so up to date. I made it clear that we have to get the latest or else I don’t want it. I need the latest one, one that does three-dimensional scanning so we can identify drugs. It would be faster and provide clearer images too.”

Statia added, “I want to ensure that not only is the scanner three dimensional but that it comes with a scale so I can weigh everything at the same time. The ones that we have are working but cannot do three-dimensional scanning…I don’t intend to have people abusing the wharves to bring in drugs under my watch…I am tired of it man. ”

The Commissioner General also said he has a number of plans for 2019 to ensure that all loopholes which are abused by “corrupt customs officials and those in the drug trade” are closed for good. In this regard, Statia said that he will be moving for the laws to be amended to have a three-dimensional scanner at every wharf.

“The baby party soon bruck up!” he retorted. He told the Guyana Standard that GRA will be hosting a press conference next week where these and other issues would be discussed at length.


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