A Guyana National Students’ Organisation Steering Committee has been officially launched. The body is one which falls under the purview of the Commonwealth Students’ Association (CSA) and will be headed by the Caribbean working group Representative of Guyana, Umadevi Bux, and Caribbean/Americas Representative, Benjamin Fraser.

The formation of the Steering Committee is said to be an historic feat since it is the first of its kind in Guyana and will be focusing on students and the commencement process for a National Students’ Organization (Guyana).

The Steering Committee comprises of a group of students from across the Tertiary Educational Institutions in Guyana, public and private. It is believed that the members bring a wide array of knowledge and skills set to the future formation of the Guyana National Students’ Organization (GNSO) through the International Commonwealth Students’ Youth Network.

The Guyana National Students’ Organization Steering Committee over a year’s period will take up the challenge of launching and formation of GNSO. The GNSO will cater to the collaboration of various students’ organisations within Guyana. Its role will be to serve as an independent advocate for students by bringing students’ perspectives into the policy decision making processes within Guyana’s Education sector. The GNSO will amplify the voice of students even as it seeks to enhance their role in policy matters that affect their lives.

As the official platform for students in Guyana, the GNSO will be working alongside other National Students’ Association across the Commonwealth and beyond via the Commonwealth Students’ Association.

After its official launch, the GNSO will seek to advocate for better education policies in both private and state educational institutions for students across all regions in Guyana. The Association will also be working alongside the CSA to lobby for Student’s Rights; Government and Private Sector involvement in the education sector while involving stakeholders to ensure positive impacts are made within the education sector for all parties involved.

The elected GNSO Steering Committee members are: Chairman, Devta Ramroop – Vice Chairpersons – Tramaine James and Tiana Archibald; Partnership and Agreements – Christopher Alexander; Resources – Javed Mustapha; Public Relations – Davion Fredericks; Policy and Advocacy – Opa Harris; Secretary – Dwayne Wills, and Treasurer – Natasha Alladin.


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