…Suspect nabbed at a city hospital

An ongoing trial in the high court involving three men who have been accused of throwing a live grenade at a vehicle owned by Glenn Lall, owner of Kaieteur News, is believed to be the reason for the execution of security guard, Kelvin Walters.

While this theory has not been confirmed as yet, investigators strongly believe that Walters’ execution is linked to the grenade attack which occurred in 2017. Ranks were able to make this connection when one of the suspects was arrested this morning at a private hospital.

The suspect has been identified as Devon Williams, 25 and is said to be a relative of one of the men who has been charged for the grenade attack. Walters was a witness in the ongoing trial.

The Guyana Standard has been informed that Williams is nursing a broken leg at the private hospital. He was injured when his victim (Walters) swerved into him last night on the Eccles, East Bank Demerara (EBD) Public Road.

Both Williams and the pillion rider fell off their motorcycle and were injured. They were forced to escape on foot.

Walters was on his way up the East Bank Demerara Road when the two men on a motorcycle pulled up alongside him and opened fire. After the victim was shot, he managed to slam his vehicle into the suspects, causing both of them to be injured.

Only one of the suspects turned up at the hospital to seek medical attention. At the time of the shooting, the victim’s wife and child were in the vehicle but escaped unhurt. It is unclear if they witnessed the faces of the suspects.

For the grenade attack on Kaieteur News, Alfie Garraway, Janeil Howard, and Leroy Williams are before the court. It was Walters’ testimony that landed the men behind bars for the attack.


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