The hosting of a Ministerial Plenary which has all the powers of Cabinet can only be interpreted as a naked disrespect for the country’s Constitution, and more so, the intellect of the Guyanese people. This is according to the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Guyana (FITUG).

In a statement to the media today, FITUG expressed disappointment after learning via the media that Minister of State, Joseph Harmon tried to defend the Ministerial Plenary by stating that it drew its legitimacy from the powers of the President.   

“…The sleight of hand answer, in our view, from the State Minister who incidentally is among the many Government Ministers who holds law degrees, cannot be deemed acceptable,” expressed FITUG.

The federation also stated that while the Minister explained, according to the media, that the current decision-making configuration seeks to comply with the Chief Justice’s ruling in that the Cabinet’s resignation was automatic on the passage of the NCM, it is nothing but a blatant assault on the Constitution and, worse, can only be seen as contempt for the High Court’s decision.

FITUG said, “…From our perspective, the acts and justifications advanced by the State Minister in themselves do not hold any water. It is our understanding that there is no legal basis for the so-called ‘Ministerial Plenary’ and its convening is yet another manifestation of the Government’s naked disrespect for our Constitution and more so the intellect of the Guyanese people.”

The Federation added, “The fact remains, from all indications, that the Administration has frittered away two-thirds of the Constitutional timeline for elections. FITUG cannot help to reiterate once again, that the Government, prior to its election, had unconditionally, committed itself to upholding the Constitution. Moreover, in the oaths which our Governmental leaders took, as they placed their hand on a religious text, they swore, solemnly among other things, to uphold our Constitution, without fear or favour…”

In light of the government’s behaviour, FITUG said it is left to wonder whether the Administration, which boasts about its positive record, is seemingly, very much petrified to face the electorate.


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