Minister of Education Nicolette Henry met with the Ministry’s fifth batch of Cadet Officers today to speak about how the orientation process has been going thus far and to hear some of their concerns.

The Cadets all expressed gratitude for being given the opportunity to become Education Officers to serve in the Ministry at a higher level so that they can create the positive change that is necessary particularly since the Ministry is in the process of reforming its curriculum.

The Education Minister remarked that some of the areas the Ministry will be focusing on are: Electronic Data Management Systems, Human Resource development and Book Distribution.

She told the cadets about the importance of good leadership that is required from them. She highlighted too that good work ethics and values will play an important part in shaping a sector that is truly reformed.

Further, she advised the cadets that every new strategy or initiative they wish to implement must be backed by sound research and identify best practices.

The Education Minister added that she wishes to see an education sector that is steep in research. Minister Henry said that she trusts that the work done in the classrooms and fields result in a more modern and structured education sector.

She urged the cadets to organise themselves to be creative and find passion in what they do.

The 50 cadets have been engaged in a week-long orientation exercise that culminates tomorrow. They were drawn from the 11 education districts and will be attached the various departments in the Ministry of Education over the next 18 months as part of their training to become the newest stock of Education Officers in the sector.

(Ministry of Education press release)


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