The Ministry of Business and the United Minibus Union (UMU) approved the long awaited Code of Conduct for Minibus Operators on January 04, last.

In keeping with its mandate, the Guyana Police Force’s Brickdam Traffic Department organized a three day lecture session on appearance and conduct of minibus operators. The lecture was conducted by Assistant Superintendent, Forbes Browne; Inspector, Gavin Boyce; and Sergeant Wickham, along with other ranks of the department.

Eighty one minibus operators from route 40-48 benefited from the training. The following topics were addressed:

-Driving Under the Influence
-Overloading Mini-buses
-The Playing of Loud and Degrading Music
-Driving above the Speed Limit
-Racing on Roadways
-Conductors and Drivers Speaking to Passengers -inappropriately
-Personal Hygiene
-Soliciting Passengers
-Maintenance of Vehicles
-Working Attire
-Cleanliness of the interior of the Mini-buses
-Having all relevant documents for vehicles in effect
-Helping the elderly and differently-abled.


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