Intended to strengthen workforce relations in the emerging oil and gas sector, the Ministry of Social Protection through its Department of Labour in collaboration with Immigration and Support Services, conducted a meeting for oil and gas contractors.

The meeting, which strictly targeted the sensitisation of foreign and local investors within the sector, provided participants with information on how to apply for their visitor’s visa and work permit when seeking employment in Guyana.

The Head of Immigration and Support Services attached to the Ministry of Citizenship, Carol Lewis-Primo, highlighted the importance of persons in the business sector understanding and adhering to the laws of Guyana if they are to function effectively in the country.

She noted that the Immigration Department is working closely with the Department of Labour to have businesses owned by foreign investors registered. She noted too that persons entering the country for employment purposes are recorded in a database. This, she explained, will be able to assist the easy access to records if a person is caught breaching the labour laws.

Annual vocational Leave, basic salary, recruitment, severance allowance, and occupational health and safety were just a few of the issues raised at the meeting.

Sharing his view, Minister within the Ministry of Social Protection, with responsibility for Labour, Keith Scott, emphasised that the Labour Department makes it mandatory that persons understand the Labour Laws so that there is no breach or discrimination of such laws.

“We recognised that the work pattern is changing and it is important that the Labour Department strengthens communication with contractors for the Oil and Gas Sector and among others. It is mandatory that we input the relevant information in our data and this must be done on a monthly basis. We need to know the amount of recruitment and change of staff within the sector,” Minister Scott insisted.

He explained that every employee who is part of an industry is a part of the economic pie which feeds into the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Guyana. He moreover added, “In order to build our human resources in Guyana, it is critical that every sector adheres to their employees’ rights. The development of local content in all operations is a core element for everything we do, so the inclusion of locals in every operation is important.”


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