An early morning storm has left in its wake damage to many homes and several sections of Region 10 flooded. In light of this development, the Region 10 Regional Democratic Council (RDC) is calling for support to address the aftermath of the natural disaster.

Regional Chairman Renis Morian said that the situation even forced him to cancel his vacation in order to aid the needed response.

“I made a decision to abort the vacation leave so that I can respond to residents’ queries, concerns and pleas for help,” Morian said.

It was disclosed that a number of residents from Moblissa to Blueberry Hill and other areas were affected by the storm which ripped away roofs and walls off of several homes. While the Regional Chairman noted that a team is currently assessing the extent of the damage, he estimated it will be in the vicinity of millions.

“This was a big storm and it has left many residents with expenses. We are therefore seeking assistance as the RDC so that we can render needed assistance and help to several families,” the Regional Chairman said.

Immediate needs include about 100 zinc sheets (16 feet), 100 food hampers, and a great deal of cleaning detergents.

“The damage done is severe and I figure that it will be in the vicinity of millions. We are seeking assistance to help some 100 families who would have been severely affected by the storm. Therefore, as the Regional Chairman, I am humbly appealing to the general public to come forward and lend whatever assistance that you can give to assist those severely affected at this time,” Morian urged.


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