With yet another oil find being announced yesterday, the National Accreditation Council (NAC) is said to be redoubling its focus on the accreditation of Oil and Gas programmes.

A move in this direction, NAC Executive Director, Deborah Jack, said, is aimed at ensuring that students who are interested in being trained directly in the exploration and management of the Petroleum sector are getting their money’s worth.

She explained that Guyanese students need to be on the cutting edge of education.

On this matter, Jack told the Department of Public Information, “If we have Guyanese graduating from educational institutions who are not properly trained to meet the needs of our society…they’re not going to be able to support the whole thrust of development of Guyana.” 

The NAC is the locally based and globally recognised agency providing the highest quality assurance for post-secondary and tertiary education and related services.

It was established by an Act of Parliament which mandated that all post-secondary and tertiary institutions operating in Guyana must be registered with the NAC.

In keeping with the thrust towards improved standards in post-secondary and tertiary education in Guyana, NAC has been working to ensure that all institutions operating in Guyana are qualified to do so.

Moreover, Post-secondary and tertiary level institutions interested in operating in Guyana must be registered and are encouraged to gain accreditation through the NAC. 

“It is important for us to be a part of that because the whole thrust of the government is to have quality education to provide the engine of growth for the economy and the country,” Jack  said.

Tertiary and post-tertiary education prepares and trains persons who are interested in many fields of work including Engineering, Technology, Natural, Environmental, Health and Social Sciences, Education and Humanities and Business and Entrepreneurship.





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