In what is suspected to be an act of revenge, the cousin of a Linden gang leader was gunned down and his girlfriend wounded when gunmen sprayed their car with bullets late last night.

The shooting started between First and Third Street, Amelia’s Ward, Linden and ended at Lover’s Lane.

The deceased has been identified as Eon Williams, the cousin of ex-cop Teon Allen called “Spoil child.” Allen is said to be the leader of a gang which has been creating havoc in the mining town.

Williams’ 20-year-old girlfriend, Malita Antigua was wounded. They were both taken to the Linden hospital where Williams died.

Divisional Commander Ramesh Ashram said the deceased and his injured girlfriend both reside in Wismar Linden. However, last night, Antigua went to a birthday party in Amelia’s Ward and Williams went to pick her up in a Nissan Duke.

“The girl claimed that she walked out of the street to join the car and when she got in, she and Williams talked for some time before she heard gunshots. When she looked, she saw two men dressed in dark hoodies shooting at them,” Ashram said.

The Guyana Standard has been informed that Williams managed to drive off to Lover’s Lane but the gunmen gave chase. “The girl said that they got out of the car and started to run but the gunmen ran behind them and opened fire, thereby killing Williams,” the Commander said.

The gunmen then escaped on foot, abandoning their Toyota primo. Investigators said that while Williams does not have any brushes with the law, his cousin has been charged on numerous occasions.

It is suspected that Williams’ death is in retaliation to the attempted murder of two women, Denise Grant and Tiffany Mc Deth which happened on September 02, last. Allen was caught on video shooting at the women, who are said to be relatives of a rival gang.

He was charged and released on $50,000 bail.

In August 2017, Allen also was charged with harbouring wanted men Mark Royden Williams and Uree Varswyck – who had escaped from the Camp Street Prison on July 9, 2017.

Further, in January 2017, Allen was charged along with three others for possession of an AK-47, along with matching ammunition. The men were arrested during a Police raid at a John Street, Campbellville, Georgetown house.

Allen was also previously charged for a number of other offences including robbery under arms.


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