They are now students of the Berbice High School but when Pawan Ketwaro, Chitra Ramdeen and Marissa Siriram wrote the National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) earlier this year, their performance was laudable. This caused them to receive the recognition of Acting CEO of the National Industrial and Commercial and Investments Limited (NICIL/Special Project Unit (NICIL/SPU), Mr. Colvin Heath London.

All of the students have linkage to the Guyana Sugar Corporation by virtue of their parents having been employed or were employed at an estate at some time or are currently employed there.

Heath London, with the support of NICIL’s Board, decided to introduce an initiative to give support to the students. In addition to providing the students with prizes and a commitment to ensure they have the necessary textbooks and other materials for their secondary education, NICIL/SPU has also committed to providing them with a monthly $50,000 grant.

This week the students received the first tranche of the grant.
The students will remain eligible for the grant once they register a 90 percent attendance rate and continue to produce acceptable grades.

Making the presentation to them was NICIL’s Human Resources Manager, Shevone Wilson. She said that while the company is extremely excited over the students’ performance it is
important for both parents and students to note that NICIL has made this commitment to support them as it recognises the importance of education. According to Wilson, while the
financial grant comes with certain conditions, she firmly believes that they are reachable.

Head teacher of the Berbice High School, Coleen Liddel commended NICIL/SPU for the laudable support and encouraged the students to continue to perform to the best of their

The appreciative students who signed contracts with NICIL/SPU have all committed to continuing to doing well so that they can be an example to others students who may desire to reap similar benefits in the future.


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