The International Decade for People of African Descent Assembly – Guyana (IDPADA-G) recently concluded its 2019 Annual General Meeting which saw the passage of motions on the reintroduction of village councils and the decriminalization of marijuana.

The meeting benefited from representatives from 48 member organizations, villages and communities around the country.  The meeting, which was held first “in committee” on September 22, was finalized at a full sitting of the Assembly on November 17, last, at the Guyana Industrial Training Centre.

The Annual General Assembly, which is the highest decision-making body of IDPADA-G, discussed and passed the said motions which it says are central to achieving the goals of the United Nations Decade of Recognition, Justice and Development.

This news agency understands that the IDPADA-G will present the motions to the relevant Government Ministries and work towards seeing them realized in a timely manner.


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