The Guyana Police Force (GPF) has recorded three separate cases of murders in less than 24 hours—two in Berbice and one in Port Kaituma, North West District.

The deceased have been identified as Neville Moonsammy, 19, a gold miner of Four Miles, Port Kaituma; Carlos Williams, 30, a driver of Lot 267 Rose Hall Reef, Corentyne, Berbice and 27-year-old Steven Lewis, a vendor of Lot 29 Portuguese Quarters, Berbice.

In the first case, Neville Moonsammy, a gold miner, was stabbed to death around 22:00 hrs last night at Four Miles Main Access Road, Port Kaituma. His friend, Keon Hutson, 20, was also stabbed and is currently hospitalized.

According to information received, the two friends along with the deceased’s father were imbibing at a shop at Four Miles. They subsequently left for home when Moonsammy’s father became intoxicated.

On their way home, Hutson—from his hospital bed—told the police that he and the teen stopped on the road to talk with two females. Shortly after, he noticed his friend, who was standing a stone’s throw from him, running with blood on his hand.

An injured Hutson said that before he could have asked what had happened, he saw a group of persons running towards him with weapons. He was stabbed to the face and had to be taken to the Port Kaituma Hospital for treatment. Moonsammy died on his way to the same hospital.

The young gold miner said that he still does not know why he was attacked and his friend was killed. No one has been arrested as yet.

In the second case, 27-year-old Steven Lewis called ‘Shabba” was knifed to death by a cane-cutter when a game of “chic chic” turned into a fight over allegations of cheating. This happened on the Public Road at Rose Hall Town around 22:20 hrs last night.

According to information received, the deceased, a vendor of Lot 29 Portuguese Quarters, Corentyne, Berbice left his home last night to go at the usual gambling spot in the village to play a game of chic chic.

It was during the game that the vendor was accused of cheating and was subsequently killed. The suspect fled the scene.

In the third case, the police said that they are investigating the murder of Carlos Williams, 30, a driver of Lot 267 Rose Hall Reef, Corentyne which occurred around 03:20 hrs this morning by an individual who goes by the alias “Babba.”

Williams was stabbed to death and his reputed wife, Charlene Harry was wounded at Portuguese Quarters, Corentyne Berbice.

Enquiries disclosed that the deceased, his reputed wife and friends, including Paul Grant, were imbibing at a club. The deceased left the club and went outside but when some time had elapsed and he did not return, Harry said she went in search of him.

According to the woman, when she got outside, she noticed her spouse in a scuffle with a man. Both she and Grant tried to intervene but were injured in the process with a sharp object.

The victim was stabbed in the abdomen with the same weapon and died while receiving treatment at the Post Mourant Hospital.

The suspect was arrested this morning


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