Former Prime Ministerial Candidate of the Change Guyana party, Nigel Hinds, says that his name was never included on the Party’s list of candidates that was submitted to the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) on Nominations Day, last Friday. Therefore, no fraud has been committed, he assured.

Hinds, a dual citizen, opted to bow out of the race stating that he required his United States (US)’s citizenship to access healthcare in that country, after several tests revealed that he is severely ill.

Article 155 of the Guyana Constitution states: “(1) No person shall be qualified for election as a member of the National Assembly who – (a) is, by virtue of his or her own act, under any acknowledgement of allegiance, obedience or adherence to a foreign power or State.

According to the Statutory Declaration Act, Chapter 5:09: “Everyone who makes a declaration according to this Act containing any statement false in fact, which he knows or believes to be false or does not believe to be true, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be liable to imprisonment for one year.”

Hinds clarified this morning that his name was never included on the party’s submitted list:” We never, or I never, signed on to the list that was presented on Nomination Day, so there was no fraud involved.”

The accountant said that subsequent to the release about him pulling out of the race, he was subjected to harsh criticisms. Nevertheless, he reported that he received also, words of encouragement and wishes for an improved health.

“So, as much as we’ve received a lot of hatemongering and naysayers from certain parts of the press, and is there on social media…I have personally received a lot of support and steadfastness from my friends and colleagues, and persons within the Change Guyana and Guyanese community. And this is across religious, ethnic and political lines – whether it be PPP, PNC and of the new parties,” he said.

Hinds told reporters that he regrets that he could not inform the Nation earlier of his decision, noting that it was very difficult for him to make public such an “internal” issue.

The Presidential Candidate, Badal, too, confirmed that Hinds’ name was not included on the list.

The hunt for the next Prime Ministerial candidate is on, Badal has assured party supporters.

“We didn’t put Nigel on the list when we knew about him being unable, by virtue of the legislation that prohibits dual citizens from holding office. So, we were very upfront with that. We’re considering other options. We have good people on our slate, and soon we’ll be making that decision,” Badal said.


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