Desperate to show the world a negative HIV result, Lolita Callendar popularly known as “Lola Doll,” who was charged and sent to prison last year for faking an HIV test result in the British Virgin Islands, is once again being accused of committing the same crime.

This time it is in Guyana and at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC).

Guyana Standard has been informed that Callendar recently posted a counselling and testing card on her social media account with the abbreviation “GPHC” written on it in a bid to showcase a negative HIV status.

The GPHC’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), George Lewis, however said that when the card was made public, an investigation was done and it was found that the document is not authentic.

The card was traced to a counsellor who works under the National Aids Programme Secretariat (NAPS) and a non-governmental organization that does HIV/AIDS testing. It is unclear if he was fired.

When contacted, Deputy Commander of Region Four, Phillip Azore said that faking an HIV test result is a criminal act and a person can be charged but the matter has to first be reported to the police by the GPHC.

This news agency has been informed that the hospital has not reported the matter as yet to the police.


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