The Cyril Potter College of Education (CPCE) has established a branch in the Upper Berbice community of Kwakwani.

This will be the first tertiary institution to be established in the Sub-Region Two District of Region 10 and will give aspiring teachers and those requiring further training, the opportunity to pursue studies in their home territory.

Beginning in April of this year, the courses will run during the school-term breaks [Easter, Christmas and August], so as not to interrupt the regular school schedules. Classes will be held in a community building and taught by retired teachers and lecturers attached to the CPCE Linden branch.

Regional Vice-Chairman, Elroy Adolph explained to DPI, “Instead of training lasting two years as usual, it will last three years because some of the teachers are already attached to schools in the Berbice River and we don’t want to close the schools for them to come out to Linden.”

Adolph further noted that the goal is to address the issue of limited teachers in the district and to provide training and jobs for youths who are desirous of serving their communities.

“We have always had an issue with trained teachers, many times they have to get from Linden and other parts of the country to come into the Berbice River, but now our own youths have an opportunity to serve their community with the establishment of the branch.” (Extracted and modified from the Department of Public Information)



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