The Mahaicony, East Coast Demerara (ECD) man, who has been accused of raping his six-year-old granddaughter, has fled the country after being placed on station bail.

According to information received, the man was arrested after the allegation was reported in January, last and held for 72 hours. He was then released on station bail.

By the time the Director of Public Prosecution advised that the elderly man be charged, police ranks were unable to locate him.
Guyana Standard has been informed that the suspect might be hiding out in neighbouring Suriname.

Some of the victim’s relatives from her father’s side of the family have claimed that the child’s mother and her side of the family helped the alleged rapist to escape.

In January last, the 54-year-old man was allegedly caught raping his granddaughter while watching porn at his home where the child and her five-year-old brother had been living since the passing of their father over a year ago.

A medical examination has confirmed that the little girl has been sexually molested.

According to information received, a neighbour was doing some work in his yard when he overheard the little girl crying, “Nana don’t do that.” The curious neighbour allegedly climbed onto the suspect’s roof and saw him looking at porn while raping the child. He raised an alarm.

When the child’s mother was first contacted, she alleged that when she was informed of the assault, she questioned the little girl and was told that she had been molested over 10 times. The woman said that she also found out that her father had also raped his eldest daughter when she was a child.

Recently, she refused to say anything about the case.


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