Hello Guyana, Good afternoon. I am with you again today after the long Easter weekend and I do hope that you complied with the hygiene rules and stayed at home. First, I wish to report on COVID-19 and where we are in Guyana.

Here are the Statistics for today:

The total number of confirmed cases stands at forty-eight (48) inclusive of six (6) deaths, with a total of 224 persons tested during the period 26th February to 14th April 2020. Those who have tested negative are 176 and 8 persons have recovered.

In our quarantine & isolation facilities the numbers stand at 21 and 34 respectively and there are five (5) persons in our COVID- 19 ICU. Ladies and Gentlemen, I wish to provide you with a breakdown of our confirmed cases. Of the 48 positive COVID-19 cases, 4 are known to have travelled from another country, the other 44 persons contracted the Coronavirus disease in Guyana.

Our confirmed cases in Region #4-representing 86 % are as follows: – 14 from the East Coast Demerara, 5 from the East Bank Demerara & 17 from Central Georgetown; Regions #1 and #6, with 2% each and Regions #3 and #10, with 5% each. To date, 60% of those tested positive are males and 40% females.

Concerned citizens continue to call the Hotline (total # 1,929), for which we are extremely happy; however, let me remind you to make use of the Hotline in your region as well as the App. According to WHO, the global figures stand at 1, 773, 084 confirmed cases with 111, 652 deaths while in the Americas there are 610, 742 confirmed cases with 23, 759 deaths.

Let me take this opportunity to remind you that there are no vaccines nor medications to address the Coronavirus disease; the medical personnel will treat you according to the symptoms you present.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I wish to report on an incident involving four Venezuelan Migrants who disregarded the home quarantine guidelines and were en route to Mahdia and Lethem. They were intercepted and placed in institutional quarantine thanks to the team work of the HEOC and the Guyana Police Force. We applaud the team for their quick action to avert any possible spread to our citizens in those communities.

I wish to reiterate that persons on home quarantine need to adhere to guidelines when asked, for their sake and others. Let me remind all of us of our responsibility to comply with the regulations and guidelines provided by the MoPH in an effort to halt the spread of this pernicious disease among us.

I know you treasure your life as well as your family’s so you will make the right choice; the wise choice is to STAY AT HOME. If you must step out, remember to cover your nose and mouth.Wash your hands correctly, practice the cough and sneeze etiquette and more importantly the social and physical distancing.


Thank you and God bless you all!


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