There has been several reports circulating on social media and some sections of the media that all of the prices for Air Services Limited (ASL)’s weekly scheduled regional flight services to Regions Seven and Eight have increased, however, this is not true, the company said today.

In fact, to assist it’s customers in those regions during this time of crisis, the company said it has waived all passengers’ cancellation and date change fees.

Also, it has increased the allowable free baggage weight for all passengers traveling on the scheduled regional flights. Even though Value Added Tax (VAT) was temporarily removed from all domestic air transport by the Guyana Revenue Auhority (GRA) for the next three months, this has no impact on prices to the majority of hinterland communities because those locations were already exempted from VAT, the company said.

“Because the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) restriction of 50% aircraft passenger carrying capacity due to COVID-19 which our diverse fleet of aircraft must comply with, coupled with closures of locations considered to be border locations to passengers’ movement, the scheduled regional ticket prices for Regions: 7 and 8 along with intra-regional ticket prices were adjusted. Some charters and shuttle prices have been substantially reduced, while the price per pound for freight on regional flights from Georgetown remains unchanged. There has been no increase in charter prices, but only reduction,” the company pointed out.

ASL, said that over the last five decades, it has been faithfully serving indigenous communities all across Guyana.

“We understand that our services are not only inextricably linked to the development of the hinterland, but is the lifeblood to those communities. ASL takes its responsibility seriously and it has been engaging the Authorities and all other stakeholders on implementing measures that would least affect our hinterland customers,” ASL noted.


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