The Department of Public Service has reaffirmed its commitment to students studying overseas on scholarships. In fact, the department said that it remains in constant contact with its Student Affairs Officer in Cuba and in all other countries where Guyanese students are currently on scholarship, and is aware of the situations as they exist in light of the COVID-19 crisis.

According to the department, when the COVID 19 virus started in China it decided on and maintained a certain line of action despite disagreements from many. However, it said, to date the students who remained are pleased now that they did not leave as China is opening up and school will recommence shortly.

As it relates to those students who chose to return home against the advice of department, they are not sure how or when they will be able to get back to China because most of the airports around the world are closed and may remain closed for an indefinite period.

The Department of Public Service noted, “Since this crisis began we have thus far ensured that our students in China received the necessary items they requested, we have increased hardship allowances to our Government of Guyana fully funded scholars, so as to ensure that they are able to get the essential items needed to keep them healthy and take all hygienic precautions during this time.”


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