Guyana Telephone & Telegraph Co Ltd apologizes profusely to a batch of customers whose internet service was disconnected yesterday though they claimed to have made on-time payments.

“Having started the process of vetting claims of payment against proof provided, some 1200 customers would have had their internet service restored,” confirmed GTT CEO, Justin Nedd. For these customers, no reconnection fees nor penalties were applied.

“We are actively examining our payment system to see where something went wrong. But in the interim, we could not in good conscience leave our customers without internet service for an extended period of time – especially now, knowing that so many of us are at home needing to maintain connections with others,” Nedd acknowledged.

GTT would have closed its stores weeks ago and would have re-directed customers to several other points of payment to support physical distancing and e-commerce as the country tries to manage the spread of COVID-19. Nedd hinted that GTT may need to re-open its stores in the interest of handling transactions directly.


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