Chartered Accountant and Attorney-at-Law, Christopher Ram has officially informed Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson; Minister within the Ministry of the Presidency, Simona Broomes; and Minister of Housing, Annette Ferguson that they will soon face legal action for the improper receipt of salaries as Ministers when it is well known that they are now functioning as party agents.

Ram reminded the officials that they took an oath to uphold the Constitution which clearly outlines the circumstances in which Ministers can receive money from the public purse. He was keen to highlight Article 219 which states, “Where at any time, Parliament has been dissolved before any provision or any sufficient provision is made under this Title for the carrying on of the government of Guyana, the Minister responsible for Finance may authorize the withdrawal of such sums from the Consolidated Fund as he or she may deem necessary for the purpose of meeting expenditure on public service…”

The lawyer noted that public service is defined by Article 232 of the Constitution as “…the service of the Government in a civil capacity…” Since it is well known that Patterson, Ferguson and others are functioning as party agents during the recount of the votes cast in the 2020 General and Regional Elections, Ram contended that any salaries they receive at this time would be in breach of the Constitution and his legal action would seek to recover same.

Ram said he will be moving to the courts on this matter at the appropriate time.


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