The APNU+AFC Coalition says it strongly condemns the PPP/C’s reckless remarks in statements which belittle and denigrate the labours and sacrifices of Chief Elections Officer (CEO), Keith Lowenfield, and the hardworking staff of GECOM Secretariat, the political parties’ agents, observers and all other stakeholders who worked tirelessly to establish a credible process for the conduct of elections on March 02, 2020 and the Recount which commenced on May 06, 2020.

In a press statement issued yesterday, the APNU+AFC said that it is reprehensible and appalling that the PPP/C irresponsibly continues its campaign to malign Lowenfield who has acted within the ambit of the law, as he is required to do, and is in strict compliance with the Gazetted Order for the recount of all ballots cast in the elections. It added that in Lowenfield’s report, as he is obliged to do, considered the numerous fraudulent discoveries contained in the painstakingly detailed observation reports as outlined by the Gazetted Order, which was agreed to by both the APNU+AFC Coalition and the opposition PPP/C.

Not surprisingly however, the opposition People’s Progressive Party has responded by continuing its vicious campaign of misinformation, lies and propaganda on the citizens of Guyana, the Diplomatic Corps, CARICOM and other parties internationally, said the governing coalition APNU+AFC in the press statement. Moreover, the APNU+AFC pointed out that the Representation of the People Act is pellucid in Part X1, which addresses the Ascertainment of Election Results.

Additionally, it further pointed out that in Article 96 of the Constitution, Lowenfield is duly empowered to “calculate the total valid votes of electors cast and thereupon ascertain the results.” The party said that this therefore means “to discover with certainty as through examination or experimentation.”

It is therefore adamant that this process was duly complied with by the Chief Elections Officer.

“This was the very purpose of the recount process. The importance of the credibility of the electoral process in arriving at the valid votes cast is absolutely paramount. The APNU+AFC calls on all Guyanese to remain patient and allow the recount process to continue uninterrupted,” the statement concluded.


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