Second Lieutenant (2Lt), Orwin Austin departed Guyana yesterday for the USA, where he will attend the United States Coast Guard Academy.

The 22-year-old officer clinched the opportunity to study Electrical Engineering at the Academy in a competitive process which involved two other applicants.

Hailing from Land of Canaan on the East Bank of Demerara, Austin is the youngest of four children and gained his formal education at the Soesdyke Primary School, the Covent Garden Secondary School, and Queens College.

He gained passes in 12 CSEC subjects and another 13 subjects at CAPE.

Prior to his enlistment as an Officer Cadet in June 2018, he worked for 10 months at the Guyana Water Incorporated. He indicated that he had always felt drawn to service in the military because of his sense of patriotism.

“I wanted to serve my country and contribute in the noblest manner,” Austin shared.

When it comes to advanced academic pursuits, the young officer said that he had set his sights on studying aeronautical engineering but  this opportunity presented itself instead.

“While aeronautical engineering was my initial focus, I was not about to pass up this opportunity to gain higher academic training that will enhance my contributions to the GDF. So I applied and here I am,” he said.

He added, “During the Standard Officers’ Course 51, I learned how to adapt my thinking and behaviour, and the ability to do so was responsible for my success on the course. Given this situation where I’ll be studying for four years in the USA where Covid-19 is still problematic for everyone’s health and well-being, I am not worried. I will take the necessary precautions to ensure my safety and that of others.

Although unable to immediately project the significance of his contribution to the GDF in the future, Second Lieutenant Austin said that he has committed himself to serving the Force and the citizens of Guyana.

Further, he is confident that this opportunity to expand his academic and professional horizons will ultimately redound to the enhancement of whatever appointments he may hold in the future.

“I look forward to performing with excellence throughout my studies, and also to learning as much as I can about the culture and application of global Coast Guard knowledge so that I may be of maximum benefit to the GDF and my country,” he concluded.


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