A fire suspected to be electrical in origin has completed destroyed a two-storey wooden house located at 4th Street, Mon Repos, East Coast Demerara, on Wednesday evening, leaving four persons homeless.

Reports are that the fire started at about 22:30h in one of the bedrooms downstairs and quickly razed through the house.

When Guyana Standard arrived on the scene, the four occupants of the house were sitting in disbelief and still trying to come to grips with reality.

The homeowner, Deopaul Omorow, stated that he has been living at the house for more than 50-years and received the devasting news from his son, who was downstairs at the time.

L-R: Deopaul Omorowl, his daughter Kaloutie Smaroo and his son Jairam Deopaul

“I went upstairs asleep, and my last son went downstairs in a room, and he called for me ‘daddy, watch the smoke.’ By the time I come down, there is a fire, and he gone off,” he stated.

Further, another occupant of the house, Kaloutie Samaroo, pointed out that the fire might have been caused by an electrical issue, given that there were several problems with the wiring of a bulb where the fire started.

“My grandmother passed away at the back there, and everybody is pass through the yard to go at the back right, and we put on a light at the side, but my father was warning me because the point is spark fire, but I don’t know if it is because of the plenty rain make it get more worse,” she concluded.

The occupants of the house have lost all their personal belongings and are contemplating their next move.

However, the fire tenders took some time to arrive at the scene but managed to save nearby buildings.

Anyone willing to assist the family at this time can contact +592 220 6922.


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