A young marketing student attached of the University of Guyana has taken on the challenge of providing sleek and stylish clothing along with products at affordable prices.

The online store, Minimalist, was birthed by 32-year-old Mikhail J Mc Kenzie after he was unable to find quality clothing and items at an affordable cost under one roof.

Despite the adverse effects imposed on businesses by the coronavirus (COVID-19), Mc Kenzie took a leap of faith on November 1, 2020, and launched his business.

“I decided to launch the business because after venturing on a journey of minimalism, I wished there was an avenue where I can find simple yet sleek and stylish clothing and products in one area. Since that would have benefited me but I couldn’t find it anywhere around, I figured I should create this business to help people.”

Some of the items offered by Minimalist include authentic mini and regular size fragrances, inverted windproof umbrellas, inspirational quotes on water bottles, branded caps, basic and essential clothing, online shopping services, and free consultancy on helping customers select the right products.

“The more we sell these products and provide services that give you advice on shopping to suit your needs, the more our customers will get what they want and have an appreciation for the items they buy way after the point of sale and in turn avoid items from becoming unnecessary clutter in their homes. At Minimalist, we seek to bring that to Guyana, all by just keeping it simple.”

The young entrepreneur disclosed that since launching his business, the populace has been responding positively. He said that he is hoping to use his business as a catalyst for job creation.

Mc Kenzie revealed that business exposure and capital for business growth are some of his major challenges.

“My goal is to create employment for people in Guyana and most importantly help persons by teaching them effective ways to shop. If we learn how to shop usefully then we would value the items we buy and in turn have less clutter or unwanted items in the house.”

He added, “I believe I could help Guyana with that, I believe Minimalist in Guyana can be a useful place to shop where we keep items simple and yet sleek while ensuring you get the best value for your money as experts guide you along the way to make informed purchase decisions.”

Be sure to check out Minimalist on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram for the latest trends and items or contact Mikhail on telephone +592 679 – 6759 or via email at [email protected].


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