Shonnette Dover died from single gunshot to head; samples handed over for DNA testingAt about 11:00hrs today, a post -mortem examination was conducted on the body of Lindener, Shonnette Dover at Memorial Gardens Mortuary, Georgetown by Dr Nehaul Singh in the presence of police. The body was identified by the deceased’s father.

On conclusion, it was opined that the Dover died as a result of a single gunshot injury to the head.

The doctor also extracted three ribs from the body and handed over to the police to be analyzed for DNA identification. The body is presently lying at the said Memorial Gardens Funeral Home to be later handed over to the deceased’s family for burial.

The body of 20-year-old Dover was discovered by police last week in a shallow grave aback of her boyfriend, Shaquan Alleyne’s Canvas City home. Dover’s sister reportedly led investigators to the grave, bringing to end the 28-day search for the bartender.

A wanted bulletin has since been issued for Dover’s boyfriend, who remains at large.


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