The Guyana Police Force has dubbed a statement made by Opposition Parliamentarian, Ganesh Mahipaul as mischievous.

Mahipaul recently posted to Facebook; “An outraged Guyana Police Force informant has this evening revealed that the governing PPP regime has instructed each regional police commander to submit a detailed list of all policemen and women and ancillary staff stationed at each station under their purview. What has outraged several officers is that the instruction is for the list to detail the ethnicities of each policeman and woman. The lists are to be submitted not to police headquarters at Eve Leary in Georgetown or to the Ministry of Public Security but to the PPP headquarters – Freedom House.

Since coming to government in August 2020, the PPP has been on an obvious ethnic campaign to terminate the services of black public servants.”

But the Guyana Police Force this afternoon issued the following statement:

The Guyana Police Force has taken cognizance of a Facebook post, by one Ganesh Mahipaul, alleging political interference by the Government in the administration of the Force concerning the employment of ranks.

The Police Force is refuting this mischievous allegation and wishes to set the record straight.

The Force is currently conducting an internal exercise, in keeping with its administrative procedures, to reconcile the ranks in the Force with its pay sheets. This is an activity that is done periodically to ensure financial compliance.

In compiling this information, the particulars of the ranks solicited include their ethnicity, but this has nothing to do with any effort to malign any ethnic group, neither is the information required to be submitted to Freedom House as stated in the Facebook post.


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