Opposition Member of Parliament (MP), David Patterson is of the belief that vaccine hesitancy in the country stems mainly from citizens not trusting information coming out of the Health Ministry, and the removal of Dr. Leslie Ramsammy as the Advisor to Health Minister, Dr. Frank Anthony, may “yield better results”.

In a recent Facebook post, Patterson wrote: “Psst Frank, your advisor Ramsammy is not Dr. (Anthony) Faucci, no one believes or trusts him. A major issue with vaccine hesitancy is the believability of the information coming out of the Ministry of Health. Unless this is addressed, no amount [sic] of measures, however draconian, will persuade our people to be vaccinated,” he said.

Patterson added, “Can you consider confining him to his lair, and using a group of young doctors to be the face of the ministry’s vaccine program? We have to keep trying different things, and just maybe removing your health advisor as your COVID spokesperson may yield better results.”

Dr. Ramsammy is a Microbiologist, who served as Minister of Health, and Agriculture between 1992 and 2015.

To date, more than half of the adult population have already received one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, with more than a quarter in receipt of both doses.



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