The Guyana Marine Conservation Society (GMCS) received a $5M donation today from TriStar Industries to support scientific research in the Barima Mora Passage Mangrove Forests, the largest and most intact mangrove ecosystem in Guyana.

In a missive to the press, GMCS said this support will enable the commencement of a much needed riverain fisheries study. Its team on the project will comprise partners from the University of Guyana, the Ministry of Agriculture’s Department of Fisheries, Region One’s marine scientist, and three interns from the Mabaruma Secondary School.

GMCS was keen to note that the interns participated in a recently completed camera trapping research while adding that their inclusion will enable continuous capacity building in order that such expertise can be used by international and local environmental consultants who are contracted for work in the region.

Additionally, the conservation group commended Tri-Star for its tangible support in empowering local conservationists to carry out much needed scientific research which will contribute to the protection of this valuable ecosystem and the environment in Region One.


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