The man suspected to have started the fire at the Brickdam Police Station maintained his innocence when he was today brought before a City Magistrate.

24-year-old Clarence Greene of Lot 2292 Russell Street, Charlestown, was moments ago charged with arson and armed robbery.

He was brought before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts.

Greene is charged with setting fire to the Police Station and using a gun to rob a woman of a cellphone valued at $160,000. Though he was not required to plead to the two charges, his attorney said that her client maintains his innocence.

Police Prosecutor Shellon Daniels objected to the man’s release after the charges were read to him. She informed the court that on October 2, at Water Street, Georgetown, Greene allegedly used a gun to rob the woman of her cellphone. The woman then made a report of the matter to the police.

The police went to Leopold Street, where the suspect was contacted and told of the allegation. He was arrested and taken to the Brickdam Police Station where he was placed in a cell.

The prosecutor told the court that the man later raised an alarm about the fire. This led the police to remove all the prisoners. They were escorted to the Sparendaam Police Station. However, they were later taken to Criminal Investigations Department (CID), Eve Leary, where Greene was interrogated.

The court heard that Greene admitted to committing arson on the Police Station and the police have video and audio recordings to confirm this information.

The magistrate objected to bail citing the seriousness of the offenses. The man’s attorney then addressed the court and asked for reasonable bail. She informed that Greene is the breadwinner for his family and his common-law spouse is currently pregnant.

The Chief Magistrate considered both applications before remanding the suspect to prison. She said that the offenses are serious and attract grave penalties if convicted. The matters were adjourned until October 28.


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