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Residents of Arakaka Village, Region One (Barima-Waini) can now look forward to a reliable and improved power supply with the addition of a $15 million generator grid which was recently commissioned by Agriculture Minister, Zulfikar Mustapha. During his brief remarks at the simple ceremony that was held, the official was keen to note that the investment represents the government’s commitment to modernizing the country.

He said, “The $15 million was allocated for that grid so the people in Arakaka can now have reliable and regular electricity. This will also help us to boost our agriculture sector because we are looking at the feasibility of building agro-processing facilities in these parts of the country. With the establishment of such a system, agro-processing facilities will be able to operate effectively,” Minister Mustapha said.

Regional Chairman, Brentnol Ashley stated that the grid has an output capacity of 250 Kilo-Volt-Amperes (KVA) that will provide stable electricity to the entire village. He further noted that the development that is taking place on the coastland is quickly being replicated in the hinterland thanks to the vision and drive of the government. “Through the RDC’s budgetary allocation for 2020, we are seeing the community of Arakaka benefiting from the establishment of an electricity grid and a generator set. The grid is already up awaiting connections to the homes of each resident which we are foreseeing would be done before Christmas,” he added.

The Chairman also noted that regional officials are working to determine the number of hours per day the generator will be operable.

Arakaka is located along the left bank of the Barima River and is home to over 500 residents


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