The former soldier who pleaded guilty to four robbery charges was sentenced to three years in jail for the crimes.

Keyon King, 32, who previously told a court that he committed the crimes because of financial problems, will be serving three years behind bars for each of the four charges against him. Principal Magistrate Sherdel Isaacs-Marcus handed down the sentence when the man was brought before her at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts. The sentences will be served concurrently.

King is charged alongside Peon Lee, 35, a security guard of Lot 1781 Second Street, Mocha, and Delroy Jackson, 37, a security guard of Kendal Street, Golden Grove, East Bank Demerara. It is alleged that while being armed with guns and in the company of each other, they robbed Francis Santos Lumes of 60 ounces of raw gold valued at $20 million and $38 million in cash. It is also alleged that the men while being armed with guns, and in the company of each other and others, they robbed Fernanda Carmicheal of a cell phone worth $350,000.

It is further alleged that the men, while being armed with guns, and in the company of each other and others, they robbed  Francis Santos Lumes of a  gold chain valued at 140,000, a gold ring valued at $60,000, and $14,000 in cash, total amount being $214,000. The final charge alleges that the men while being armed with guns, and in the company of each other and others, they robbed  William Da Silva of a cell phone valued at $60,000. The two other men have denied the charges.

Wallison Enterprise, which is located at Lot 23 Gordon Street Kitty, Georgetown, was robbed when three men stormed the business under the pretense of selling gold. Cops had reported that the three men went to the location with a white car and parked it north of the building and entered the compound, through the main gate, after they told the security guard that they were there to sell gold. The three armed men then entered the waiting area where they spoke to the cashier and showed her a package, which they claimed contained gold that they wanted to sell.

The men then pulled out their firearms and ordered her into an office where the money and gold were secured. They then robbed the business owner and the cashier, of one cellular phone valued at $300,000, $38,000,000 cash, 61 ounces of raw gold valued at $20,000,000, and one cellular phone valued at $60,000.

While exiting the three men took a DVR box, but cops still managed to gain the footage of the robbery from other hidden CCTV footage.

Arrests were then made after a security guard, who was involved in the robbery confessed.
According to information, police went to the house belonging to King and found $18 million buried in a bucket in the backyard. King told the police that his girlfriend, who is also a serving member of the GDF was innocent.


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