Two juveniles and a woman have been arrested for breaking and entering Courts, New Amsterdam, Berbice two days ago.

Enquiries disclosed that the said establishment closed about 21:00hrs on Friday last and employees secured the premises leaving the mentioned articles intact.

On Saturday around 05:55hrs, the assistant manager related that she received information from a male that the door to the building was open.

She immediately proceeded to the said location where she observed that the northwestern door was broken down. She later made further checks and observed that the mentioned articles were missing.

Acting upon information received, about 10:00hrs a party of police officers went to the home of a 15-year-old juvenile where he was contacted and told of the information received and he related to the police that he along with his 18-year-old cousin went into the Courts building and stole the aforementioned items.

The following articles were recovered in a clump of bushes at Strand and Charles Places, New Amsterdam Berbice: one white AKT motorcycle,
one dark grey HP laptop, one blue Acer laptop,
three headphones, one Extreme skater game, and two computer chargers.

Acting on further information received, the ranks went to another location where the 42-year-old mother was contacted and a search was conducted in a wooden security hut, where the following items were recovered: one black Samsung electronic tablet, one TCL black cellular phone one BLU G61 cellular phone and one black Radio Shack music box.

All the items recovered were taken to Central Police Station along with the suspects and were positively identified by the manager of Courts New Amsterdam Branch to be the property of Courts.

The suspects remain in custody pending further investigations.


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