Significant infrastructural works on the Charity market, Region Two will soon allow vendors plying their trade there to operate within a safe environment.


In 2021, the government expended $30 million to rehabilitate the market’s tarmac to not only create an enabling environment for businesses, but to address the region’s garbage situation.


Further interventions are being made to construct a steel-framed market shed, which will be undertaken by the Local Government Ministry and the Guyana Defence Force’s (GDF) Engineering Corps.


This forms part of a broader plan to improve the condition of the market and eliminate street vending.


Vendors and residents, alike will also benefit from the clearing of secondary drains and the expansion of the perimeter fence for security purposes. This also includes the rehabilitation of the washroom facilities there.


Charity Neighbourhood Democratic Council’s (NDC) Acting Overseer, Rameez Baksh said, “our intention is to stop illegal vending on the roadside. Eventually, we are looking to create a mall effect where vendors will be able to sell their items in an orderly and secures environment. So, this phase one is almost finished, and later we intend to construct a concrete fence right around with light. Later we also intend to extend the shed to cover the other half of the tarmac with entrance and exit.”

A frontal view of the steel frame shed at Charity market


Baksh added that these works are also aimed at providing some security for vendors and their goods since there have been cases of burglary.


“Everyone will be regularised with standard stall sizes and in order by section and category.”

It was noted that this direction will complement the rehabilitation works being conducted at Charity River dam, at the cost of $89 million.  As such, about 450 meters of the road will be in reinforced concrete while the remainder will be done in asphalt.


Regional Vice-Chairman, Humace Oudit had said that while the road network is one of the region’s most important thoroughfare, it was sinking despite efforts to reinforce it.

Regional Vice Chairman, Humace Oudit


“This road project will bring great relief to residents, businesses and farmers who traverse daily to transport their produce from Pomeroon to the various markets. For years, we had lobbied for this dam to be reconstructed, since every time there is a high tide, it causes flooding. So now with the government’s intervention, this will be a thing of the past.” (Extracted and modified from the Department of Public Information)


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