The Institute for Action Against Discrimination (IAAD) says its has reason to be concerned about the safety of its Secretary, Lt Colonel (ret’d) Lelon Saul.

The IAAD said in a statement today, that Saul has been receiving correspondence, including WhatsApp messages, that have either attacked his character, or warned that the exercise of his rights to freely associate and express could result in harm to his person.

Guyana Standard was informed that the messages were sent days after Saul affixed his signature to a letter, accompanied by a statement signed by notable Guyanese, seeking the intervention of U.S. Vice-President, Kamala Harris and her government to cease the “social, economic and political” injustices in Guyana.

The group noted that internal efforts have failed to achieve inclusion, security, safety and fair share of the nation’s patrimony. It added that “the next best thing” was to seek international support. The IAAD said that its intention honourable and reasonable.

“In seeking to do so, news has also come to the organisation’s attention that Mr. Saul’s safety is under threat for the stance he has taken. Whereas Mr. Saul is not daunted or intimidated by threats, IAAD wants to make it very clear that we hold Prime Minister Phillips and the Government of Guyana responsible for the safety and security of Mr. Saul.”

The IAAD added, “The organisation will not be silent and allow those who are plotting mischief to think we are afraid to speak or make it known. And in this fight for the right to life, safety, security and well-being of all, irrespective of race, creed or political or other association, all Guyanese are being called on to join us to make real the national motto of ‘One People, One Nation, One Destiny.”


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